Anne Mason is a designer located in Atlanta, GA who specializes in products and graphics alike.




Sometimes individuals need graphic design love as well! Whether you're looking to brand yourself or create the perfect graphics for an event, I am here to help!


"Whosoever desires constant success must change his conduct with the times." Niccolo Machiavelli knows his stuff! Let me help you create new, modern graphics for your brand.



Working in the product design field for five years now, I have had multiple products manufactured in the markets of home decor, sustainability, and plastic packaging.

Designed by us, for you.


At the end of our contract, my goal is to make you say "WOW." Collaboration is key in any project, and it's important to me that all of your ideas become realized. I want to make sure you are completely comfortable with the designs we come up with and proud to show them off! Check out some of my previous work, below, and then send me a message!



A new and improved you.


Think of your business as a machine. Machines can operate forever, but only if they are maintenanced regularly. Maintenance can be anything from a fine tune up to a full part replacement. Now think of me as a trusty mechanic. I am here to help you understand where you are now and where you could be. View some of my previous work, below, and then let's have a chat!


My passion, your invention.


Do you have an idea that's been burning a hole in your brain? Tell me about it! Even better, draw it out and show me what you're thinking! As a fellow inventor, I can help you through the process of creating something from nothing. Send me a message and I can help you with research, ideation, prototyping, and hopefully production!